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Filet Crochet Charts
The samples listed below are of various filet pieces that I crochet. However, I have had many requests for the charts themselves.  Click on each link to view the charts.

The price for the charts is based on their finished size. The smaller ones are $3 each, and 9x12 and larger are $5 each. In the case of some of the larger charts, I include one that shows the entire chart, and split it into sections. The squares are larger and easier to read, and also would overlap slightly so that it would be easier to work from one chart to the next. The chart(s) can either be printed out and sent via 1st class mail with added cost of postage and material; or they can be emailed in PDF format for printing or viewing from a computer at no additional cost.

A note re the “finished size”... I use #80 or #100 thread and a #14 hook when I do my filet pieces, and I also crochet rather tightly. If you use a different size thread/hook, your results might be a larger finished piece.
5 X 7 Inches 8\ X 10 Inches 9 X 12 Inches 11 X 14 Inches 12 X 16 Inches
Lord's Prayer
14 X 18 Inches
16 X 20 Inches
23rd Psalm
18 X 24 Inches
Lord's Supper
18 X 36 Inches
Rooster & Horse
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